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CiteXplore combines literature search with text mining tools for biomedical publications.
Search results are cross referenced to various EBI databases and links to full text versions are provided where available.

Use the advanced search to have more search options at your disposal.
See the help page for a list of available search fields.

Text mining is provided by Whatizit.

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News 2012
  • Vernacular journal titles
    You can now search for certain journals by vernacular title instead of needing to write out the name in full. For example, NEJM instead of The New England Journal of Medicine. See the help page for further detail.
  • Web Service v3
    We are pleased to announce the release of the latest version of our public CiteXplore web service: v3.0.1. Please see the web services page for further information.
  • ChEMBL and ChEBI links
    Text mined chemicals now link to either the ChEMBL and ChEBI databases, or both where available. Try a has_chembl:y or has_chebi:y search, then click More to view any citation.