The Epigenome Reference Registry, aka EpiRR, serves as a registry for datasets grouped in reference epigenomes and their respective metadata, including direct links to the raw data in public sequence archives. IHEC reference epigenomes must meet the minimum the criteria listed here and any associated metadata should comply with the IHEC specifications described here.

Accessing EpiRR data

EpiRR REST API provides language agnostic bindings to the EpiRR data, which you can access from https://www.ebi.ac.uk/vg/epirr/

REST API Endpoints

Report summary stats
List all current reference Epigenomes
View in detail a specific reference Epigenome

Response types

Append ?format=x to the end of your query to control the format.

Formats available:

Alternatively, use the "Accept" header in your HTTP request.

How to make submissions to EpiRR

Submissions to EpiRR can be arranged by contacting blueprint-dcc@ebi.ac.uk. Submissions are accepted as either JSON or custom text format files, where one file must be used per reference epigenome. For more information on EpiRR submissions, please visit the EpiRR Github repository.