Reactome: Exploring biological pathways

Image of Reactome Pathway Overview

This course provides an overview to the Reactome pathway database web interface and the database content. For a short introduction to Reactome, please visit the Reactome quick tour

An undergraduate degree in a life science subject or background knowledge in molecular biology will be an advantage. You may wish to look at the 'Protein interactions and their importance' conceptual course before taking this course.

If you want to learn more about Reactome tools have a look at Reactome: Tools for analysis of biological pathways.

Updated in July 2017.

About this course

Steve Jupe
Learning objectives: 
  • Recognise the need for pathway databases such as Reactome
  • Search Reactome pathways for proteins, compounds, genes and multimolecular entities
  • Navigate the hierarchical organisation of Reactome pathways
  • Explore the graphical representation of pathways in the Pathway Browser
  • Configure settings for the Pathway Browser