The Bioinformatics Workshop, Prague


 Monday 2 Wednesday 4 June 2014


National Technical Library, Prague - Computer study hall (03 on 4NP)National Technical Library, 5, 110 01 Praha 1,  Prague, Czech Republic

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Tuesday 06 May 2014

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Monday 19 May 2014


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Frank O’Donnell

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Course Overview

This course will provide an introductory overview of some of the most commonly used publicly accessible, tools and resources for genome browsing, functional genomics and phylogenetics. A separate registration will be available for those delegates interested in using proteomics in their research. Delegates will gain hands-on practice of using these data resources, interspersed with some lectures.


The course is aimed at bench-based researchers in the fields of medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, structural biology and chemical synthesis. The practical exercises use web-browser-based tools and assume little prior experience in bioinformatics.

Learning outcomes

After this course you should be able to:

  • Access, browse and retrieve a range of data types from leading public repositories for genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic data
  • Query leading bioinformatics databases efficiently
  • Use some freely available software to analyse nucleotide sequence data and interpret phylogenetic analyses


Time Topic Trainer
Day 1 - Monday 2 June
09:00 An introduction to the EBI  Giulietta Spudich
09:30 Exploring genomes with Ensembl - [Course booklet] [Course book answers]  Giulietta Spudich
11:00 Tea/coffee break  
11:30 Exploring genomes with Ensembl  Giulietta Spudich
13:00 Lunch  
14:00 Exploring functional genomics data with Array Express  Karyn Megy
15:30 Tea/coffee break  
16:00 Exploring functional genomics data with Array Express - [Excercises]  Karyn Megy
17:30 Close  
Day 2 - Tuesday 3 June
09:00 An introduction to phylogenetics  Laura Emery
10:30 Tea/coffee break  
11:00 Interpreting phylogenies - [Questions] [Answers] [Basic Tree Thinking Assessment]  Laura Emery
12:30 Lunch  
13:30 Phylogenetic methods - [Data files]  Laura Emery
15:00 Tea/coffee break  
15:30 Phylogenetic methods - [Excercise with Answers]  Laura Emery
17:00 Close  
Day 3 - Wednesday 4 June
09:00 An introduction to proteomic services  Sandra Orchard
10:30 Tea/coffee break  
11:00 UniProt - [UniProt tutorial]  Sandra Orchard
12:30 Lunch  
13:30 IntAct - [IntAct tutorial]  Sandra Orchard
15:00 Tea/coffee break  
15:30 Reactome - [Reactome tutorial]  Sandra Orchard
17:00 Course feedback/End of course  All