The EMBL-EBI training team

EBI east wing photoEMBL-EBI serves the European scientific community in many ways, one of which is to train scientists at all levels on how to get the most out of life science data resources. Our group coordinates an extensive bioinformatics training programme.

We also work with secondary school teachers, science students, master’s students and interested members of the public to raise awareness about how bioinformatics can lead to discoveries that impact our lives.

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Training researchers

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Our user training programme comprises  courses at EMBL-EBI in our state-of-the-art training facilities, as well as an extensive programme of courses and workshops outside EMBL-EBI. We also coordinate Train online, our web-based training resource providing free interactive courses covering our core bioinformatics resources.

The EMBL-EBI training programme is part of EICAT, the EMBL International Centre for Advanced Training.

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EMBL-EBI also offers training for early-stage researchers as part of the EMBL International PhD Programme. We welcome visiting scientists, and offer many different opportunities for postdocs.

Scientific engagement 

Open days - Twice a year, in November and March, we open our doors to people who are interested in pursuing a career in bioinformatics or computational biology.

Conference exhibitions and careers fairs - Visit us at career fairs and scientific conferences throughout the world.

Public engagement 

Science festival snapshot

Education – We run a three-day course on bioinformatics for secondary-school science teachers through EMBL’s European Learning Laboratory for the Life Sciences. We also welcome the London International Youth Science Forumand other undergraduate groups to our campus for a series of talks and hands-on activities. You will find us every spring at the Cambridge Science Festival, introducing people of all ages to the world of molecular biology. We also contribute activities to the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute's Your Genome website, which provides introductory activities on genetics and genomic science and the implications these research fields have for us all.

Science and society - Our annual Science and Society event is free and open to all. We organise and sponsor a half-day of talks and discussions on key issues led by engaging and dynamic scientists.

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