SURFNET v.1.4 - calculation of clefts in protein surfaces

Written by Roman Laskowski

The SURFNET program generates surfaces and void regions between surfaces from coordinate data supplied in a PDB file.


Academic institutions

Available free. The only requirement is that you complete and sign the Confidentiality Agreement which you can download by clicking the icon below.

Surfnet Confidentiality Agreement.

When you have completed and signed the form send, fax or e-mail it to:-

Address: Roman Laskowski
European Bioinformatics Institute
Wellcome Trust Genome Campus,
Cambridge, CB10 1SD,
United Kingdom
Fax: +44 (0)1223 494 468


Non-academic institutions

For non-academic institutions a version of SURFNET is available via a site licence. For details, please contact Mark Swindells of EBISU at

Last modified: 19 March 2010