PROCHECK download

Download instructions

First, go to:

Enter procheck as the password.

This should list the 5 files to be downloaded, namely:

[A]     aqua3.2.tar.gz   -   The source code for AQUA.
  [B]     manual.tar.gz - Operating Instructions for PROCHECK, in HTML format.
  [C]     nmr_manual.tar.gz - Operating Instructions for AQUA and PROCHECK-NMR, in HTML format.
  [D]     procheck.tar.gz - The source code for PROCHECK v.3.5.4 (which includes PROCHECK-NMR and PROCHECK-COMP).
  [E]     README - Installation instructions

Once you have downloaded the files you need, follow the installation instructions given in the README file.

Version for Windows

Note: A version of the PROCHECK programs running under Windows NT has been prepared by Bernhard Rupp of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and is available by anonymous ftp from:
Note, this version doesn't currently run on 64-bit Windows machines.