Protein Data Bank in Europe - Anonymous FTP Account

Welcome to the PDBe anonymous FTP account at

This FTP site provides access to data on the 3D structure of biological macromolecules.

This directory structure is a mirror of the wwPDB archive maintained by the Research Collaboratory for Structural Bioinformatics (RCSB)

Structure data is located in pub/databases/rcsb/pdb/data/structures.

Entry files are date-stamped to show the date they were released.

Note: Users should switch to binary mode before downloading data files.

Entry Directory Layout:


        * contains ls-lR listing of added, modified and obsolete entries for that week.


        * is originally last quarterly full release BUT then is modified
          to include withdrawn (removed), replacement, and additional
          entries since last quarterly full release

        * is the current full release (last quarterly plus updates)

        * divided into 2-letter directories


        * analogous to the divided/pdb directory, containing mmCIF,
          nmr restraint, and structure factor files, respectively.


        * analogous to the divided directory, containing pdb,
          mmCIF, nmr restraint, and structure factor directories,
          with symbolic links to files in the divided subdirectories.
          These are not divided into two-letter directories


        * analogous to the divided directories, but containing
          obsolete files.

Help File Descriptions:

    ls-lR            full listing of all files in FTP

    README    instructions for using FTP

To get one of these files, type "get filename" then logout to view it on your local system.

This is the ../pdb directory of the wwPDB ftp archive.

Directories available from this level are:

    derived_data/  Information derived from PDB files
    software/        Software provided by the PDB
    doc/               Documentation
    data/              Atomic coordinates, experimental information, HET dictionary and
                         information on monomers

Document mantained by: Gaurav Sahni