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Welcome to the Job Dispatcher Documentation


Job Dispatcher provides various bioinformatics tools and related biological datasets to the scientific user community. All our resources can be accessed via the web interface or programmatically. Job Dispatcher also offers these resources behind the scenes to power several other popular services hosted at the EBI such as InterProScan, UniProt, Ensembl Genomes, etc. The team also provides Dbfetch, an easy way to retrieve entries from various databases at the EMBL-EBI in a consistent manner.

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Overview of the Job Dispatcher services accessible via webpage and programmatic interfaces.

What does Job Dispatcher offer

Bioinformatics tools

Job Dispatcher provides integrated access to core bioinformatics applications. These include some of the most popular powerhouses in bioinformatics, from sequence similarity search applications, such as NCBI BLAST+ and FASTA, multiple sequence alignment and pairwise sequence alignment tools, such as Clustal Omega and Kalign, tools for functional annotation and prediction such as InterProScan 5, RNA analysis tools such as R2DT, to other sequence analysis utilities. Visual representations of tool results, as well as downloadable results files, are also provided to help the users understand the job outputs.

Biological datasets

Job Dispatcher provides sequence libraries from major database resources hosted at EMBL-EBI, including UniProtKB, ENA and Ensembl Genomes (see available databases for a comprehensive list). These are available for search through sequence similarity search applications. These datasets can be retrieved with Dbfetch, which provides a common interface to database entry retrieval in a variety of different formats. Dbfetch provides all the sequence libraries available to search in Job Dispatcher, with addition of several metadata datasets, including EMDB, PDBe-KB, MEDLINE, NCBI Taxonomy, EDAM ontology and HGNC.

Programmatic access to the tools and data

In addition to the webforms available from the website and downloadable results files, Job Dispatcher tools and Dbfetch data, can be accessed and retrieved via RESTful APIs, giving full programmatic access to the tools and data. Learn more about this on the Programmatic access section.

Training materials

The Job Dispatcher team is involved various training events at EMBL-EBI throughout the year. See a list of webinars we delivered as part of EMBL-EBI Training:

News and updates

If you would like to keep up to date with developments within Job Dispatcher, please follow us on Twitter (@ebi_jdispatcher).

We often write on our team blog so check that out as well at

Fair-use policy

We kindly ask all users of Job Dispatcher services to submit jobs in batches of no more than 30 at a time and not to submit more until the results and processing are complete.


We kindly ask all users of EMBL-EBI Web Services to submit tool jobs in batches of no more than 30 at a time and not to submit more until the results and processing is complete. Please ensure that a valid email address is provided. Excessive usage of a particular resource will be dealt with in accordance with EMBL-EBI's Terms of Use. Please contact us if you need further information.

Chinese / 中文

敬告所有 EMBL-EBI Web Services 网络服务用户,请在呈交工具工作时,每批工作 不要超过30项, 并请您在该批数据的结果和处理程序完成之后再呈交下一批工作。并请您提供一个有效的电子邮件地址。 超额使用某项资源将按照 EMBL-EBI使用条款处理。 如需进一步信息, 请通过此链接 与我们联系。

Korean / 한글

EMBL-EBI 웹서비스는 다량의 데이터(배치 등) 호출시, 사용자당 실시간으로 최대 30건의 처리를 제한적으로 사용하실 것을 권고드리고 있습니다. 보내신 건이 완료되기 전에, 재차 더 많은 데이터가 전송되지 않도록 협조 부탁드립니다. 또한 유효한 메일주소를 사용해주시기 바랍니다. 다량의 데이터 사용에 관한, EMBL-EBI 이용 약관을 준수해 주실것을 부탁드리며, 관련해 도움이 필요하시면, 문의 주시기 바랍니다.

How to cite

To cite the Job Dispatcher services, please refer to the following publication:

Madeira F., Pearce M., Tivey ARN., Basutkar P., Lee J., Edbali O., Madhusoodanan N., Kolesnikov A., Lopez R. (2022) Search and sequence analysis tools services from EMBL-EBI in 2022.
Nucleic Acids Research, April 12, 2022; doi: 10.1093/nar/gkac240; Europe PMC: 35412617

Previous publications

A full list of our previous publications can be found in our References page.


This work is funded the EMBL-EBI's core funding. EMBL-EBI is indebted to its funders, including the EMBL member states and the European Commission through the H2020 Programme under EOSC-Life [824087]; BY-COVID [101046203]; EarlyCause [848158].

Privacy notice

The Job dispatcher services we provide are General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant, which means that personal data from users, including email addresses, IPs, and submitted data, are encrypted and deleted from our servers after seven days.

Programmatic access to Job Dispatcher services requires the user to provide an email address, which is only used to give tailored support and guidance. Email is, however, optional for web browser-based usage access to the tools, which is used when provided by the user to send out a notification about the completion of the submitted jobs. In accordance with GDPR compliance, emails are not used in any other way nor distributed in any form outside the EMBL-EBI.

More information on services GDPR compliance is provided on the EMBL-EBI website's Terms of Use and the Privacy Notice for Job Dispatcher tools.

Contact us

Please read the provided Documentation, Privacy and FAQ pages (these pages) before seeking help from our support staff.

If you have any feedback or experienced any issues, please let us know via EMBL-EBI Support. We aim to respond as quickly as possible!