Feature CDS
Definition coding sequence; sequence of nucleotides that corresponds with the sequence of amino acids in a protein (location includes stop codon); feature includes amino acid conceptual translation.
Optional Qualifiers /allele="text"
/codon_start=<1 or 2 or 3>
/inference="[CATEGORY:]TYPE[ (same species)][:EVIDENCE_BASIS]"
/locus_tag="text" (single token)
/number=unquoted text (single token)
/old_locus_tag="text" (single token)
/transl_table =<integer>
Comments /codon_start has valid value of 1 or 2 or 3, indicating
the offset at which the first complete codon of a coding
feature can be found, relative to the first base of
that feature;
/transl_table defines the genetic code table used if
other than the universal genetic code table;
genetic code exceptions outside the range of the specified
tables is reported in /transl_except qualifier;
/protein_id consists of a stable ID portion (from the end of 2018
new accessions may be extended to a 3+7 accession format with
3 position letters and 7 numbers; existing data before the end of
2018 uses a 3+5 format) plus a version number after the decimal point;
when the protein sequence encoded by the CDS changes, only the version
number of the /protein_id value is incremented; the
stable part of the /protein_id remains unchanged and as
a result will permanently be associated with a given protein;
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