BioStudies Submissions Overview

BioStudies is a new resource at EBI. We welcome any biological studies submissions that do not fit into the traditional resources here at EBI. We welcome all feedback and enquires at so that we can continue to develop and improve this service.

What data can be submitted?

BioStudies accepts all biological data that does not fit within the traditional resources of the EBI.

Please note - although ArrayExpress is in the process of being migrated to BioStudies, all gene expression and other functional genomics data should still be submitted using the Annotare tool.

What if my study contains a mix of data?

Please use BioStudies to describe the study. Deposit your data as normal into the appropriate service (for example ArrayExpress, PRIDE, ENA etc) and use the "links" section when submitting to BioStudies to indicate where your data is stored. You may find the following tool helpful Data Submission to see which the appropriate resource for your data should be.

I would like to host my own data

We need to have a discussion first when we allow this.

What do I need to prepare before I submit?

We ask that you provide brief contact details about you (the submitter), information about the study, and (raw and/or processed) data files in a free format.

How do I submit?

Submissions are handled via the online tool, which involves filling in a small web-form, files related to the submission can be directly uploaded and attached. If you feel that the tool does not fit your requirements please contact us on A simple tab-delimited format described here is an alternative submission method

What happens once I submit?

Once your BioStudy is successfully submitted an accession number is automatically assigned. You may cite this accession number in your publication. The system may take up to 24 hours after submission to register any new studies in the database.

Can I edit my BioStudy once I have submitted?

You are able to edit your BioStudy after submission, including adding publication details, more data and links and changing the release date.