E-TABM-1140 - Transcription profiling by array of subcutaneous fat, skin and LCLs dervied from 856 TwinsUK participants

Released on 1 June 2011, last updated on 2 May 2014
Homo sapiens
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Sequence-based variation in gene expression is a key driver of disease risk. Common variants regulating expression in cis have been mapped in many eQTL studies typically in single tissues from unrelated individuals. Here, we present a comprehensive analysis of gene expression across multiple tissues conducted in a large set of female individuals that allows systematic dissection of genetic and non-genetic effects on gene expression. Gene expression was quantified in subcutaneous fat, skin and LCLs derived from 856 TwinsUK participants using Illumina whole genome expression array (HumanHT-12 version 3). Microarray methylation data from the same cohort has also been deposited at ArrayExpress under accession E-MTAB-1866 (https://www.ebi.ac.uk/arrayexpress/experiments/E-MTAB-1866/).
Experiment types
transcription profiling by array, organism part comparison
Synchronized age-related gene expression changes across multiple tissues in human and the link to complex diseases. Yang J, Huang T, Petralia F, Long Q, Zhang B, Argmann C, Zhao Y, Mobbs CV, GTEx Consortium, Schadt EE, Zhu J, Tu Z. :15145 (2015), PMID:26477495
Mapping cis- and trans-regulatory effects across multiple tissues in twins. Grundberg E, Small KS, Hedman ÅK, Nica AC, Buil A, Keildson S, Bell JT, Yang TP, Meduri E, Barrett A, Nisbett J, Sekowska M, Wilk A, Shin SY, Glass D, Travers M, Min JL, Ring S, Ho K, Thorleifsson G, Kong A, Thorsteindottir U, Ainali C, Dimas AS, Hassanali N, Ingle C, Knowles D, Krestyaninova M, Lowe CE, Di Meglio P, Montgomery SB, Parts L, Potter S, Surdulescu G, Tsaprouni L, Tsoka S, Bataille V, Durbin R, Nestle FO, O'Rahilly S, Soranzo N, Lindgren CM, Zondervan KT, Ahmadi KR, Schadt EE, Stefansson K, Smith GD, McCarthy MI, Deloukas P, Dermitzakis ET, Spector TD; Multiple Tissue Human Expression Resource (MuTHER) Consortium. Nat Genet 44(10):1084-1089 (2012), PMID:22941192