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E-MTAB-9285 - RNA sequencing of the non-hematopoietic microenvironment of aspirates from Multiple Myeloma patients at diagnosis and after treatment versus non-cancer controls

Last updated on 5 November 2020, released on 1 February 2021
Homo sapiens
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By generating a paired single cell RNA-sequencing database of the tumor niche from 10 newly diagnosed MM patients, we created a unique dataset allowing the in-depth analyses of stromal-immune interactions within the tumor microenvironment (see related accession number). Using this database, we identified the presence of inflammatory stromal fibroblasts in the bone marrow of Myeloma patients.The stromal inflammation was associated with NF-κB signaling, and sources of IL-1β or TNFα were specific immune subsets previously shown to be altered in MM, suggesting the presence of an immune cell-mediated feed-forward loop of bone marrow inflammation in MM. By tracking inflammatory signatures over time in individual patients undergoing first-line treatment using bulk RNA sequencing, we show that bone marrow inflammation is not reverted by successful anti-tumor therapy (this dataset), suggesting a role for stromal fibroblasts and bone marrow inflammation in disease persistence or relapse. Raw sequencing data files will be deposited to EGA.
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RNA-seq of coding RNA, case control design
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