E-MTAB-8509 - scRNAseq of Cyp11a1-expressing cells from mouse melanoma model derived tumors

Submitted on 27 November 2018, last updated on 27 May 2020, released on 27 May 2020
Mus musculus
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Tumours induce de novo steroidogenesis in immune cells. We wanted to define the gene expression identity of intratumoural steroidogenic immune cells and compare them with the transcriptome with non-steroidogenic cells. Cyp11a1 expression is a faithful biomarker of de novo steroidogenesis (i.e. Cyp11a1+ cells are steroidogenic and Cyp11a1- cells are non-steroidogenic). We inoculated B16-F10 tumor in Cyp11a1-mCherry reporter mice, enriched and purified intratumoral Cyp11a1-mCherry+ and Cyp11a1-mCherry- cells by cell sorting into 96-well plates [with a ratio of 79:15 (mCherry+ : mCherry-) cells per plate] and performed scRNA-seq using SMART-Seq2 platform.
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RNA-seq of coding RNA from single cells, cell type comparison design
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