E-MTAB-7304 - Reconstructing the human first trimester fetal-maternal interface using single cell transcriptomics - whole genome sequencing

Released on 17 October 2018, last updated on 27 November 2018
Homo sapiens
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To explore the interactions between the range of maternal and fetal placental cell types present, we profiled the transcriptomes of more than 50,000 single cells from matched first trimester samples of maternal blood and decidua, as well as fetal cells from the placenta itself. Demuxlet was used to discern between cells of fetal and maternal origin, from SNPs inferred from genotyping.
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genotyping by high throughput sequencing 
Single-cell reconstruction of the early maternal-fetal interface in humans. Vento-Tormo R, Efremova M, Botting RA, Turco MY, Vento-Tormo M, Meyer KB, Park JE, Stephenson E, Pola?ski K, Goncalves A, Gardner L, Holmqvist S, Henriksson J, Zou A, Sharkey AM, Millar B, Innes B, Wood L, Wilbrey-Clark A, Payne RP, Ivarsson MA, Lisgo S, Filby A, Rowitch DH, Bulmer JN, Wright GJ, Stubbington MJT, Haniffa M, Moffett A, Teichmann SA. 563(7731):347-353 (2018), PMID:30429548
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