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E-MTAB-6348 - Sox2 ChIP-seq in hindbrain and spinal cord neural progenitors differentiated from mouse embryonic stem cells

Last updated on 27 August 2018, released on 27 August 2018
Mus musculus
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Sox2 is a key determinant of neural cell identity, expressed in neural progenitors from anterior to posterior levels. We asked if the occupancy of this factor changes in neural progenitors with different axial identities. To this end, we performed the directed differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells to generate neural progenitors in vitro with either hindbrain or spinal cord identity. We then performed Sox2 ChIP-seq (antibody SC-17320X), to assess the difference in Sox2 occupancy at these two different axial levels. This revealed that the genome-wide occupancy of Sox2 in neural progenitors changes depending on axial identity.
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Regionalization of the nervous system requires axial allocation prior to neural lineage commitment. Vicki Metzis, Sebastian Steinhauser, Edvinas Pakanavicius, Mina Gouti, Despina Stamataki, Robin Lovell-Badge, Nicholas M Luscombe and James Briscoe.
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