E-MTAB-6265 - Transcription profiling by RNA-seq of murine colon tumours after in situ depletion of Nuak1

Released on 19 February 2018, last updated on 26 April 2018
Mus musculus
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The aim of the project is to determine the impact of NUAK1 depletion on the transcriptome of in situ colon tumours. Tumours were initiated in Villin-CRE-ER;APC-floxed;DI-shNUAK1 mice, followed by treatment for 1 week with dextran sodium sulphate. 68 days after tumour initiation, NUAK1 shRNAs were induced by doxycycline administration (via gavage), or left un-induced. 6 tumours were harvested from NUAK1 shRNA expressing mice and 6 from controls. RNA was isolated using Qiagen RNEasy and analyzed by Illumina paired-end RNA-SEQ
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RNA-seq of coding RNA, compound treatment design
Colorectal tumors require NUAK1 for protection from oxidative stress. Port,J., Muthalagu, N., Raja, M., Ceteci, F., Monteverde, Kruspig, B., T., Hedley, A., Kalna, G., Lilla, S., Neilson, L., Brucoli, M., Gyuraszova, K., Tait-Mulder, J., Mezna, M., Svambaryte, S., Bryson, A., Sumpton, D., McVie, A., Nixon, C., Drysdale, M., Esumi, H., Murray, G.I., Sansom, O.J., Zanivan, S. & D.J. Murphy. Cancer Discovery 8(5) (2018), PMID:29500295
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