E-MTAB-557 - Colony stimulating factor (CSF1) treatment of kidneys that have undergone ischemia reperfusion injury

Released on 20 June 2011, last updated on 3 May 2014
Mus musculus
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Mice were subjected to renal artery clamps to induce ischemia/reperfusion injury to the kidney. 3 days post surgery mice were injected with CSF1 or PBS daily for a further 3 days. Mice were sacrificed 5 and 7 days post surgey and the kidney was removed and homogenised into single cell suspensions. Cells were selected on their expression of CD45, CD11b markers and the lack of CD11c. These cells were then subjected to microarray analyses to determine the global gene expresssion profiles of mice with and without treatment.
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transcription profiling by array, compound treatment, in vivo, injury
Colony-stimulating factor-1 promotes kidney growth and repair via alteration of macrophage responses. Alikhan MA, Jones CV, Williams TM, Beckhouse AG, Fletcher AL, Kett MM, Sakkal S, Samuel CS, Ramsay RG, Deane JA, Wells CA, Little MH, Hume DA, Ricardo SD. :1243-1256 (2011), PMID:21762674
Colony-stimulating factor (CSF)-1 promotes kidney growth and repair via alteration of a macrophage response. Maliha A. Alikhan, Christina V. Jones, Anne L. Fletcher, Timothy M. Williams, Samy Sakkal, Michelle M. Kett, Chrishan S. Samuel, Robert G. Ramsay, James A. Deane, Anthony G. Beckhouse, Christine A. Wells, Melissa H. Little, David A. Hume, and Sharon D. Ricardo.
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