E-MTAB-5447 - Next Generation Sequencing Transcriptomic Analysis (RNA-seq) of Thoroughbred horse at rest, after exercise and after training

Submitted on 15 May 2016, last updated on 8 August 2017, released on 7 August 2018
Equus caballus
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A single bout of exercise induces changes in gene expression in skeletal muscle. Regular exercise results in an adaptive response involving changes in muscle architecture and biochemistry, and is an effective way to manage and prevent common human diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular disorders and type II diabetes. Our study is a transcriptome-wide analysis of skeletal muscle tissue in a large cohort of untrained Thoroughbred horses before and after a bout of high-intensity exercise and again after an extended period of training. We hypothesized that regular high-intensity exercise training primes the transcriptome for the demands of high-intensity exercise.
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RNA-seq of coding RNA, case control design, stimulus or stress design
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