E-MTAB-5349 - Antibody repertoire RNA-seq throughout key stages of mouse B-cell development (pre-B-cells, naive B cells, plasma cells)

Submitted on 10 September 2015, released on 28 March 2017, last updated on 18 May 2017
Mus musculus
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We sought to investigate the extent of genetic and antigen-driven predetermination of antibody repertoires throughout B-cell development (pre-B cells, naive B cells, plasma cells). To this end, we used (i) an inbred model organism (mouse, C57BL/6J) to quantify genetic predetermination and (ii) cohort-stratification (4 cohorts: 1 untreated, 3 antigen-immunized) to quantify antigen-driven predetermination. To ensure generalizability of our research, we additionally sequenced naive B cells from Balb/c and pet shop mice.
Experiment type
RNA-seq of coding RNA 
Systems Analysis Reveals High Genetic and Antigen-Driven Predetermination of Antibody Repertoires throughout B Cell Development. Victor Greiff, Ulrike Menzel, Enkelejda Miho, Cédric Weber, René Riedel, Skylar Cook, Atijeh Valai, Telma Lopes, Andreas Radbruch, Thomas H. Winkler, Sai T. Reddy. Cell Reports 9(7):1467–1478 (2017)
Comprehensive Evaluation and Optimization of Amplicon Library Preparation Methods for High-Throughput Antibody Sequencing. Ulrike Menzel, Victor Greiff, Tarik A. Khan, Ulrike Haessler, Ina Hellmann, Simon Friedensohn, Skylar C. Cook, Mark Pogson, Sai T. Reddy. PLoS One 19(5):e96727 (2014), PMID:24809667
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