E-MTAB-4850 - Transcriptomic profiling of antigen-specific T cells at the single-cell level after clearance of hepatitis C virus

Submitted on 26 June 2015, released on 31 January 2017, last updated on 20 December 2018
Homo sapiens
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We used scRNA-seq data generated using Smart-seq2 to reconstruct the native TCR from Ag-specific T cells and then to link these with the gene expression profile of individual cells. antigen specific CD8 T cells were obtained from a subject who had previously cleared hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. A cell line was also generated from the same subject and included in the analysis with and without antigen stimulation.
Experiment types
RNA-seq of coding RNA from single cells, pathogenicity design, stimulus or stress design
Linking the T cell receptor to the single cell transcriptome in antigen-specific human T cells. Auda A Eltahla, Simone Rizzetto, Mehdi R Pirozyan, Brigid D Betz-Stablein, Vanessa Venturi, Katherine Kedzierska, Andrew R Lloyd, Rowena A Bull and Fabio Luciani. , PMID:26860370
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