E-MTAB-4619 - Single-cell RNA-seq of mouse CD4+ T-helper 2 cells from mediastinal lymph nodes, mesenteric lymph nodes and lungs 5 days after infection with Nippostrongylus brasiliensis

Submitted on 1 April 2015, last updated on 13 April 2016, released on 13 April 2016
Mus musculus
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We were interested in investigating the heterogeneity of CD4+ Th2 cells during infection response. In order to do so we injected Nippostrongylus brasiliensis (Nb) in recipient mice as this is known to elicit a Type 2 response. Mice were subcutaneously injected with Nb larvae and single CD4+ cells were isolated from mediastinal lymph nodes, mesenteric lymph nodes, and lungs 5 days after infection.
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RNA-seq of coding RNA from single cells, disease state design
Single-cell analysis of CD4+ T-cell differentiation reveals three major cell states and progressive acceleration of proliferation. Proserpio V, Piccolo A, Haim-Vilmovsky L, Kar G, Lönnberg T, Svensson V, Pramanik J, Natarajan KN, Zhai W, Zhang X, Donati G, Kayikci M, Kotar J, McKenzie AN, Montandon R, Billker O, Woodhouse S, Cicuta P, Nicodemi M, Teichmann SA. :103 (2016), PMID:27176874
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