E-MTAB-4616 - Distinct and sexually dimorphic X dosage compensation states in the mammalian germline

Submitted on 18 March 2016, last updated on 5 February 2017, released on 6 February 2017
Mus musculus
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This experiment depicts RNA-Seq datasets from wild type XY male and XX female, as well as sex chromosomally abnormal XO female (Turner syndrome) and XX male (Klinefelter variant syndrome) mouse germ cells before, during and after germline reprogramming. This range from E6.5 epiblasts, fluorescence activated cell sorted (FACS) highly purified populations of germ cells (EGFP-positive) and gonadal somatic cells (EGFP-negative) from both sexes at E9.5, E11.5, E12.5, E14.5, E15.5, E16.5 and E18.5, as well as purified spermatogonia and leptotene / zygotene spermatocytes from P2 and P11 males, respectively. Non-gonadal somatic cell control datasets were generated from male and female E14.5 liver and tail. Germ cells from individual embryos were processed to make cDNA libraries and served as biological replicates. We generated in total 184 libraries for our analysis from 60 separate conditions.
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RNA-seq of coding RNA 
Non-Canonical and Sexually Dimorphic X Dosage Compensation States in the Mouse and Human Germline. Sangrithi MN, Royo H, Mahadevaiah SK, Ojarikre O, Bhaw L, Sesay A, Peters AH, Stadler M, Turner JM. Jan 19 pii: S1534-5807(16)(Developmental Cell):30918-2 (2017), PMID:28132849
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