E-MTAB-3199 - Open chromatin in human pancreatic islets (FAIRE-seq) - Appendix to E-GEOD-17616

Last updated on 22 December 2014, released on 23 December 2014
Homo sapiens
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An appendix to the published Gaulton et al. work (PMID: 20118932; E-GEOD-17616). In the original paper, the authors note that samples 1 and 2 are not as pure as the third sample. This appendix provides FAIRE-Seq data obtained from a purified islet sample to replace the problematic published data. The goal of the original experiment was to identify active regulatory DNA in human pancreatic islets. This was accomplished using high-throughput sequencing of genomic regions isolated using FAIRE from three purified pancreatic islet samples to identify sites of open chromatin.
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FAIRE-seq, cell type comparison design
A map of open chromatin in human pancreatic islets. Gaulton KJ, Nammo T, Pasquali L, Simon JM, Giresi PG, Fogarty MP, Panhuis TM, Mieczkowski P, Secchi A, Bosco D, Berney T, Montanya E, Mohlke KL, Lieb JD, Ferrer J.
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