E-MTAB-2964 - Methylation profiling blood, adjacent benign and multiple discrete tumour samples from locally advanced prostate cancers

Submitted on 9 January 2013, last updated on 25 September 2014, released on 31 December 2014
Homo sapiens
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We systematically dissected prostetectamy samples from three men with locally advanced prostate cancer, isolating histologically benign tissue and spatially separated tumour samples. In total 24 samples (including blood samples) were profiled using Infinium HumanMethylation450k arrays.
Experiment types
methylation profiling by array, cell type comparison design, development or differentiation design, disease state design
HES5 silencing is an early and recurrent change in prostate tumourigenesis. Massie CE, Spiteri I, Ross-Adams H, Luxton H, Kay J, Whitaker HC, Dunning MJ, Lamb AD, Ramos-Montoya A, Brewer DS, Cooper CS, Eeles R, UK Prostate ICGC Group, Warren AY, Tavaré S, Neal DE, Lynch AG. :131-144 (2015), PMID:25560400
Epigenetic and oncogenic regulation of SLC16A7 (MCT2) results in protein over-expression, impacting on signalling and cellular phenotypes in prostate cancer. Pertega-Gomes N, Vizcaino JR, Felisbino S, Warren AY, Shaw G, Kay J, Whitaker H, Lynch AG, Fryer L, Neal DE, Massie CE. :21675-21684 (2015)
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