E-MTAB-1449 - Transcription profiling by array of kidney cortex harvested from 2k1c and sham rats to study the effects of blood pressure on gene expression in the kidney cortex

Released on 11 November 2014, last updated on 25 January 2018
Rattus norvegicus
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The experiment was designed to study the effects of blood pressure on gene expressions in the kidney cortex. Non-clipped kidney cortex was harvested from eight 2k1c rats and eight sham rats after 4 and 24 weeks of clipping. The 2k1c is the experimental group which underwent a two kidney, one clip (2k1c) operation (renal artery stenosis), wheras the sham group serves as a control where no stenosis were performed.
Experiment types
transcription profiling by array, co-expression, in vitro, injury design
Identification of a common molecular pathway in hypertensive renal damage: comparison of rat and human gene expression profiles. Skogstrand T, Leh S, McClure J, Dashti M, Iversen BM, Graham D, McBride MW, Hultström M. Journal of Hypertension 33(3):584—96 (2015), PMID:25380151
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