E-MEXP-1029 - MicroRNA profiling of the NCI-60 panel of human cancer cell lines

Released on 2 April 2007, last updated on 27 March 2012
Homo sapiens
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Advances in the understanding of cancer cell biology and response to drug treatment have benefited from new molecular technologies and methods for integrating information from multiple sources. The NCI-60, a panel of 60 diverse human cancer cell lines, has been used by the National Cancer Institute to screen >100,000 chemical compounds and natural product extracts for anticancer activity. The NCI-60 has also been profiled for mRNA and protein expression, mutational status, chromosomal aberrations, and DNA copy number, generating an unparalleled public resource for integrated chemogenomic studies. Recently, microRNAs have been shown to target particular sets of mRNAs, thereby preventing translation or accelerating mRNA turnover. To complement the existing NCI-60 datasets, we have measured expression levels of microRNAs in the NCI-60.
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microRNA profiling by array, disease state, strain or line
MicroRNA expression profiles for the NCI-60 cancer cell panel. Blower, Paul E.; Verducci, Joseph S.; Lin, Shili; Zhou, Jin; Chung, Ji-Hyun; Dai, Zunyan; Liu, Chang-Gong; Reinhold, William; Lorenzi, Philip L.; Kaldjian, Eric P.; Croce, Carlo M.; Weinstein, John N.; Sadee, Wolfgang. Mol Cancer Ther 6(5):1483 (2007), PMID:17483436
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