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E-GEOD-76478 - Cell-of-origin specific 3D genome structure acquired during somatic cell reprogramming [ChIP-Seq]

Released on 1 March 2016, last updated on 5 March 2016
Mus musculus
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We studied genome topology dynamics during reprogramming of different somatic cell types with highly distinct genome conformations. We find large-scale TAD repositioning and alterations of tissue-restricted genomic neighborhoods and chromatin loops, effectively erasing the somatic cell specific genome structures while establishing an embryonic stem cell-like 3D genome. Yet, early passage iPSCs carry topological hallmarks that enable discerning their cell-of-origin. These hallmarks are not remnants of somatic chromosome topologies. Instead, the distinguishing topological features are acquired during reprogramming, as we also find for cell-of-origin dependent gene expression patterns. ChIPseq for CTCF and H3K27ac was performed on early and late iPS cells derived from different founders
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