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E-GEOD-68529 - Functionally distinct subsets of lineage-biased multipotent progenitors control blood production in normal and regenerative conditions

Released on 5 May 2015, last updated on 9 May 2015
Mus musculus
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To identify the molecular characterisitics of parallel lineage-biased MPP populations arising from hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) we conducted genome-wide analyses of hematopoietic stem, progenitor and mature myeloid cell populations using Affymetrix Gene ST1.0 arrays. Microarray analysis of 3-5 biological replicates of the indicated hematopoietic populations, isolated by FACS sorting from C57BL/6 mouse BM. Immunophenotypic definitions: Long-term HSC (HSCLT) (Lin-/cKit+/Sca1+/Flk2-/CD48-/CD150+); Short-term HSC (HSCST) (Lin-/cKit+/Sca1+/Flk2-/CD48-/CD150-); MPP2 (Lin-/cKit+/Sca1+/Flk2-/CD48+/CD150+); MPP3 (Lin-/cKit+/Sca1+/Flk2-/CD48+/CD150-); MPP4 (Lin-/cKit+/Sca1+/Flk2+); CMP (Lin-/cKit+/FcγR-/CD34+); GMP (Lin-/cKit+/FcγR+/CD34+); Pre-granulocyte (PreGr) (Mac1+/Gr1int); Granulocyte (Gr) (Mac1+/Gr1hi). HSC and GMP samples listed here were also used as controls for our related microarray study GSE48893.
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Eric Martin Pietras <>, Emmanuelle Passegué, Eric M Pietras
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