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E-GEOD-6613 - Microarray analysis of blood of individuals with early Parkinson's disease

Released on 22 November 2008, last updated on 8 September 2017
Homo sapiens
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Parkinson's disease (PD) progresses relentlessly and affects five million people worldwide. Laboratory tests for PD are critically needed for developing treatments designed to slow or prevent progression of the disease. We performed a transcriptome-wide scan in 105 individuals to interrogate the molecular processes perturbed in cellular blood of patients with early-stage PD. The molecular marker here identified is strongly associated with risk of PD in 66 samples of the training set (third tertile cross-validated odds ratio of 5.7 {P for trend 0.005}). It is further validated in 39 independent test samples (third tertile odds ratio of 5.1 {P for trend 0.04}). The genes differentially expressed in patients with PD, or Alzheimer's or progressive supranuclear palsy offer unique insights into disease-linked processes detectable in peripheral blood. Combining gene expression scans in blood and linked clinical data will facilitate the rapid characterization of candidate biomarkers as demonstrated here with respect to PD. Experiment Overall Design: Whole blood expression data from 50 patients with Parkinson's disease, 33 with neurodegenerative diseases other than PD, and 23 healthy controls.
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transcription profiling by array 
Molecular markers of early Parkinson's disease based on gene expression in blood. Scherzer CR, Eklund AC, Morse LJ, Liao Z, Locascio JJ, Fefer D, Schwarzschild MA, Schlossmacher MG, Hauser MA, Vance JM, Sudarsky LR, Standaert DG, Growdon JH, Jensen RV, Gullans SR. , PMID:17215369
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