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E-GEOD-64595 - Comparison of gene expression profiles between the CD110+ tumor initiating cells from primary colorectal tumors and their liver metastases

Released on 1 January 2015, last updated on 24 January 2015
Homo sapiens
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We established an in vivo model of organ-specific colorectal cancer metastasis and demonstrated that the CD110+ tumor initiating cells contribute for colorectal liver metastasis. To gain a deeper understanding of its metastatic capacity, we performed a genome-wide transcriptome analysis on the CD110+ tumor cells derived from primary colon xenografts and their matched liver metastases. Results provide important information of the responses of the CD110+ cells during the process of liver colonization. Total RNA obtained from the CD110+ cells sorted from primary colorectal tumors (CRC102-PT and CRC108-PT) compared to those from the corresponding liver metastases (CRC102-LM and CRC108-LM).
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transcription profiling by array 
Li Qingquan <>, WenChao Gao, Zhengming Wu
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