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E-GEOD-54790 - The transcriptomic profile of peripheral blood nuclear cells in bovine and cervine in peak lactation and dry period

Released on 11 February 2014, last updated on 3 June 2014
Bos taurus, Cervus elaphus
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The aim of the study was to identify genes which are differentially expressed in the peripheral blood nuclear cells of two breeds of cattle (Holstein-Friesian and Polish Red) and cervine in different points in their physiological states (dry-off period, peak of lactation) RNA from peripheral blood nuclear cells taken from cattle and cervine in peak lactation and dry period were hybridized to Agilent two color microarrays with a common reference. There were four Holstein-Friesian cattle, four Polish Red cattle and four deer investigated. The whole blood was drawn in two time point from each animal – during dry period and peak lactation. This means that there were six research groups (Holstein-Friesian cattle in dry period and Holstein-Friesian cattle in peak lactation; Polish Red cattle in dry period and Polish Red cattle in peak lactation; Deer in dry period and Deer in peak lactation). Using Gene Spring Software (one-way ANOVA and Tukey's HSD Post-hoc test) three lists of differentially expressed transcripts were obtained: a list of 576 transcripts which differ deer in dry period and in peak lactation, a list of 437 transcripts which differ Holstein-Friesian cattle in dry period and in peak lactation and a list of 158 transcripts which differ Polish Red cattle in dry period and in peak lactation.
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Magdalena Łój <>, Joanna Kolodziejska, Magdalena Hulanicka, Michal Jank, Wlodzimierz Klucinski
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