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E-GEOD-54538 - Genome-wide expression profile on hiPSCs and hiPSC-derived CD33+ myeloid cells

Released on 31 January 2014, last updated on 3 June 2014
Homo sapiens
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To gain insights into which pathways might be dysregulated in JMML, we compared the transcriptome profiles among hiPSC and sorted CD33+ myeloid cells from control and patient samples. NS/JMML-derived CD33+ myeloid cells showed dysregulation in major biological processes. Moreover, a consistent expression pattern among sets of genes related to pluripotency and myeloid regulation was observed in the control, NS and NS/JMML CD33+ myeloid cells further supporting generally successful myelopoiesis. Total RNA obtained from hiPSC and sorted CD33+ myeloid cells (at day 14 of differentiation) from control and patient samples
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transcription profiling by array 
Angel Carlos Roman <>, Alessia Baccarini, Ana Sevilla, Angel C Roman, Aurélie Caye, Brian D Brown, Bruce D Gelb, Christoph Schaniel, Christopher Y Park, Dung-Fang Lee, Elisabetta Flex, Ge Yongchao, Hélène Cavé, Ihor R Lemischka, Ilan Riess, Jie Su, Kateri A Moore, Lisa Edelmann, Marco Tartaglia, Marion Strullu, Ninette Cohen, Patrick Raynal, Perundurai S Dhandapany, Safak Yalcin, Sawsan Bahieg, Sherly Pardo, Sonia Mulero-Navarro, Sunita D'Souza
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