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E-GEOD-53727 - Geriatric muscle stem cells switch reversible quiescence into senescence (Set 4; Bmi1-deficient)

Released on 31 December 2013, last updated on 3 June 2014
Mus musculus
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Regeneration of skeletal muscle depends on a population of adult stem cells (satellite cells) that remain quiescent throughout life. Satellite cell regenerative functions decline in geriatric satellite cells, compared to old cells are incapable of maintaining their normal quiescent state in muscle homeostatic conditions, and this irreversibly affects their intrinsic regenerative and self-renewal capacities. In geriatric mice, resting satellite cells lose reversible quiescence by switching to an irreversible pre-senescence state, caused by derepression of p16INK4a. Young Bmi1-deficient satellite cells shares similar features. We analyzed the global changes in gene expression occurring within muscle stem cells (satellite cells) in homeostatic conditions during physiological aging. Pure satellite cell populations from dissociated skeletal muscle from WT and Bmi1-deficient mice were isolated using a well-established flow cytometry protocol gating on integrin a7(+)/CD34(+) (positive selection) and Lin- (CD31, CD45, CD11b, Sca1) (negative selection).
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