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E-GEOD-51297 - Expression profiling of murine MYCN-driven neuroblastomas from LSL-MYCN; Dbh-iCre mice

Released on 1 September 2014, last updated on 6 September 2014
Mus musculus
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Amplification of MYCN is the most prominent genetic marker of high-stage neuroblastoma, a childhood tumor originating from the neural crest. We generated a transgenic mouse with Cre-conditional induction of MYCN in dopamine beta hydroxylase expressing cells that develops murine neuroblastomas. The expression profiles of six tumors from adrenals and two tumors from superial cervical gangliae were compared to three non-malignant adrenals from wildtype mice. These profiles of adrenals have been previously described (Molenaar et al., Nature Genetics 2012). Wild type samples are accessible at the AMC webpage:, and accessible for registered users.
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transcription profiling by array 
Alexander Schramm <>, Johannes Schulte, Kristina Althoff
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