E-GEOD-48072 - RNA analysis in Finnish Schizophrenia Families

Released on 19 June 2013, last updated on 3 June 2014
Homo sapiens
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18 Families (66 individuals) from an established cohort for schizophrenia in Finland provided RNA for analysis of genome-wide gene expression levels in blood lymphocytes. These have been collected for the analysis of genetic risk variants for mental illness that are present within these families, under the hypothesis that genetic variants will lead to changes in the biological functioning that represent the mechanisms altered in the etiology of major mental illness, with gene expression providining a means to observe such alterations. Total RNA was extracted from fresh blood samples donated by 66 individuals from 18 families ascertained for schizophrenia. Gene expression was measured using 6 chips, with two individuals (samples 2 and 8) replicated across chips. The non-normalized matrix contains the complete data, including replicates.
Experiment type
transcription profiling by array 
William Hennah <william.hennah@helsinki.fi>, Alfredo Ortega-Alonso, Jaana Suvisaari, Jouko Lönnqvist, Liisa Tomppo, Minna Torniainen, Tiina Paunio
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