E-GEOD-44579 - Identification of hypoxia-regulated genes in the liver of common sole (Solea solea) fed different dietary lipid contents

Released on 7 October 2013, last updated on 2 June 2014
Solea solea
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Hepatic transcriptome of sole fed low and high lipid dietary content in the early response to hypoxic stress. Characterization of the hepatic transcriptome of S. solea in order to assess the molecular mechanisms underlying the effects of dietary lipid content on hypoxia tolerance in common sole. S. solea individuals (8 month post-hatching) were fed for two month with commercial diets containing either 11% lipids or 20% lipids. Before hypoxia challenge stress, 38 individuals (19 from each dietary group) were randomly pooled in a single tank (1 m3) and left undisturbed and unfed for 48 h. The hypoxia challenge consisted then in a decrease of water oxygenation from 100 % to 10 % within one hour, followed by a slower descent at 2 % hr-1 to 4%. As fish lost their equilibrium, they were removed and sampled. Thirty six individuals (18 from each dietary group) were also sampled in normoxic conditions, resulting in 4 experimental groups: Normoxia low-lipid, Normoxia high-lipid, Hypoxia low-lipid, Hypoxia high-lipid. The experimental design was therefore a 2-way full factorial design between two juvenile dietary lipid contents and two oxygen concentration conditions.
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transcription profiling by array 
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