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E-GEOD-434 - Transcription profiling of mouse inner medullary collecting duct cells treated with aldosterone to characterize early aldosterone-responsive genes

Released on 6 November 2007, last updated on 2 June 2014
Mus musculus
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Murine inner medullary collecting duct cells were treated for 1 hour with vehicle (control) or aldosterone. Total RNA was isolated and used as template to generate the eventual cRNA target. The experiment was repeated a total of three times. Six cRNA samples, three control and three treated, were generated and used in a total of six hybridizations. The mineralocorticoid aldosterone is a major regulator of Na+ and acid-base balance and control of blood pressure. Although the long-term effects of aldosterone have been extensively studied, the early aldosterone-responsive genes remain largely unknown. Using DNA array technology, we have characterized changes in gene expression after 1 h of exposure to aldosterone in a mouse inner medullary collecting duct cell line, mIMCD-3. Results from three independent microarray experiments revealed that the expression of many transcripts was affected by aldosterone treatment. Northern blot analysis confirmed the upregulation of four distinct transcripts identified by the microarray analysis, namely, the serum and glucose-regulated kinase sgk, connective tissue growth factor, period homolog, and preproendothelin. Immunoblot analysis for preproendothelin demonstrated increased protein expression. Following the levels of the four transcripts over time showed that each had a unique pattern of expression, suggesting that the cellular response to aldosterone is complex. The results presented here represent a novel list of early aldosterone-responsive transcripts and provide new avenues for elucidating the mechanism of acute aldosterone action in the kidney.
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transcription profiling by array, co-expression, compound treatment
Early transcriptional effects of aldosterone in a mouse inner medullary collecting duct cell line. Michelle L Gumz, Michael P Popp, Charles S Wingo, Brian D Cain.
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