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E-GEOD-43013 - Gene Expression Defines Natural Changes in Mammalian Lifespan

Released on 17 February 2015, last updated on 21 February 2015
Acomys cahirinus, Bos taurus, Canis lupus familiaris, Capra hircus, Cavia porcellus, Chlorocebus aethiops, Equus caballus, Erinaceus europaeus, Felis catus, Meles meles, Meriones unguiculatus, Mesocricetus auratus, Murina leucogaster, Mus musculus, Oryctolagus cuniculus, Peromyscus leucopus, Petaurus breviceps, Rattus norvegicus, Suncus murinus, Sus scrofa, Tadarida brasiliensis, Tamias sibiricus, Ursus americanus
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Mammals differ more than hundred fold in maximum lifespan, which can be altered in either direction during evolution, but the molecular basis for natural changes in longevity is not understood. Divergent evolution of mammals also led to extensive changes in gene expression within and between lineages. To understand the relationship between lifespan and variation in gene expression, we carried out RNA-seq-based gene expression analyses of liver, kidney and brain of 33 diverse species of mammals. Our analysis uncovered parallel evolution of gene expression and lifespan, as well as the associated life history traits, and identified the processes and pathways involved. These findings provide direct insights into how Nature reversibly adjusts lifespan and other traits during adaptive radiation of lineages. RNA-seq gene expression profiling in normal liver, kidney and brain of 33 mammalian species.
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Alexey Fushan <>, Alexey A Fushan, Alexey V Lobanov, Anton A Turanov, Eun B Kim, Sang G Lee, Sun H Yim, Vadim N Gladyshev
Gene expression defines natural changes in mammalian lifespan. Fushan AA, Turanov AA, Lee SG, Kim EB, Lobanov AV, Yim SH, Buffenstein R, Lee SR, Chang KT, Rhee H, Kim JS, Yang KS, Gladyshev VN. , PMID:25677554
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