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E-GEOD-41931 - Expression profiling of early lymphoid progenitors deficient for Ebf1 and Foxo1

Released on 1 November 2012, last updated on 9 November 2012
Mus musculus
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Foxo1 and Ebf1 deficiency leads to a similar disruption of normal B-cell development at the level of the common lymphoid progenitor (CLP). Both mouse strains display the existance of LY6D+ CLPs but a marked/complete lack of proB cells. To investigate similarities of the developmental defects observed we generated gene expression profiles from both genotypes (with corresponding WT controls). This illustrated a shared gene expression signature in Ebf1/Foxo1 deficient CLPs. Gene expression profiling was done using highly purified (FACS sorted) progenitor cells. Cells were purified from bone marrow of wild-type, Foxo1 deficient and Ebf1 deficient mice. Ebf1 deficient bone marrow was aquired by transplantation of Ebf1 deficient progenitors into irradiated hosts. Populations analysed were CLP LY6D-, CLP LY6D+ and proB cells.
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transcription profiling by array 
Robert Månsson <>, C Murre, E Welinder, J Åhsberg, M Sigvardsson, R Mansson
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