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E-GEOD-41443 - Expression data in H1299 after retinoblastoma binding protein-2 (RBP2) knockdown

Released on 20 June 2013, last updated on 2 June 2014
Homo sapiens
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To identify genes whose expression was affected by RBP2, we performed gene expression microarray analysis in control and RBP2 depletion human lung cancer cell line. Two individual shRNA (RBP2 KD1 and RBP2 KD2) were used to limit potential off-target effects. One scramble short haripin RNA (shRNA) and two individual shRNAs to the human RBP2 gene (RBP2 KD1 and RBP2 KD2) were used. Two replicates per group were used. H1299 cells were infected with lentivirus which carriy shRNAs for 3 days. RNA was isloated by Trizol reagent and analyzed by bioanalyzer. Microarray experiments was performed by the Affymetrix Gene Expression Service Laboratory at Academia Sinica.
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transcription profiling by array 
Histone Demethylase RBP2 Promotes Lung Tumorigenesis and Cancer Metastasis. Teng YC, Lee CF, Li YS, Chen YR, Hsiao PW, Chan MY, Lin FM, Huang HD, Chen YT, Jeng YM, Hsu CH, Yan Q, Tsai MD, Juan LJ. , PMID:23722541
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