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E-GEOD-4093 - Resveratrol treatment of daf-16 mutant C. elegans

Released on 24 January 2006, last updated on 18 October 2011
Caenorhabditis elegans
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Eggs were isolated by hypochlorite treatment and allowed to hatch in the absence of food as L1 stage arrested worms in S-buffer. Worms were then transferred to large plates containing NGM alone or NGM+ resveratrol and allowed to grow till young adult stage (ca 40 hours). Worms were harvested and total RNA extracted using trizol reagent. Poly-A+ RNA was isolated using Qiagen midi-prep kit and used for microarray hybridization. A compound treatment design type is where the response to administration of a compound or chemical (including biological compounds such as hormones) is assayed. Compound Based Treatment: Resveratrol Computed
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A role for SIR-2.1 regulation of ER stress response genes in determining C. elegans life span. Viswanathan M, Kim SK, Berdichevsky A, Guarente L.
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