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E-GEOD-35400 - HGAL Enhances BCR-mediated Syk Activation, Leading to Lymphoid Hyperplasia and Amyloidosis

Released on 22 May 2013, last updated on 17 June 2013
Mus musculus
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Gene expression data from CD22+B220+ FACS-purified splenocytes of adult Sca1-HGAL knock-in CBAxC57BL/6J mice or wild-type littermates. Transgenic mice expressing HGAL (GCET2) under control of the Sca1 (Ly-6E.1) promoter were generated. CD22 and B220 dual-positive B-cells were FACS purified from spleens of adult transgenic mice and wildtype littermates, total-RNA was isolated, and transcriptional profiling performed using GeneChip® Mouse Gene 1.0 ST Arrays.
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Michael R Green <>, Ash A Alizadeh, Isidro Sánchez-García, Izidore S Lossos
Germinal centre protein HGAL promotes lymphoid hyperplasia and amyloidosis via BCR-mediated Syk activation. Romero-Camarero I, Jiang X, Natkunam Y, Lu X, Vicente-Due�as C, Gonzalez-Herrero I, Flores T, Garcia JL, McNamara G, Kunder C, Zhao S, Segura V, Fontan L, Mart�nez-Climent JA, Garc�a-Criado FJ, Theis JD, Dogan A, Campos-S�nchez E, Green MR, Alizadeh AA, Cobaleda C, S�nchez-Garc�a I, Lossos IS. , PMID:23299888
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