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E-GEOD-35113 - Genome-wide analysis of gene expression and nuclear/cytoplasmic distribution by compound 1 treatment [293T_NS1-1]

Released on 17 January 2012, last updated on 23 January 2012
Homo sapiens
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Analysis of cellular response to DHODH inhibition at gene expression and nuclear/cytoplasmic distribution level. The NS1 protein of influenza virus is a major virulence factor essential for virus replication as it re-directs the host cell to promote viral protein expression. NS1 inhibits cellular mRNA processing and export, down-regulating host gene expression and enhancing viral gene expression. We report here the identification of a non-toxic quinoline carboxylic acid that reverts the inhibition of mRNA nuclear export by NS1, in the absence or presence of virus. This quinoline carboxylic acid directly inhibited dihydroorotate dehydrogenase (DHODH), a host enzyme required for *de novo* pyrimidine biosynthesis, and partially reduced pyrimidine levels. This effect induced NXF1 expression, which promoted mRNA nuclear export in the presence of NS1. The release of NS1-mediated mRNA export block by DHODH inhibition also occurred in the presence of VSV M protein, another viral inhibitor of mRNA export. This reversal of mRNA export block allowed expression of antiviral factors. Thus, pyrimidines play a necessary role in the inhibition of mRNA nuclear export by virulence factors. Five million 293T cells were non-transfected or transfected with 6ug of pCAGGS-NS1 for 16h. Then, cells were untreated or treated with compound 1(5uM) for 24h. RNA from total cell extracts or from nuclear or cytoplasmic fractions were obtained
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liang zhang <>, Beatriz Fontoura, Liang Zhang
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