E-GEOD-3325 - Transcription profiling by array of human benign prostate, primary and metastatic prostate cancer samples to reveal signatures of metastatic progression

Released on 20 September 2005, last updated on 11 May 2015
Homo sapiens
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An integrative analysis of this compendium of proteomic alterations and transcriptomic data was performed revealing only 48-64% concordance between protein and transcript levels. Importantly, differential proteomic alterations between metastatic and clinically localized prostate cancer that mapped concordantly to gene transcripts served as predictors of clinical outcome in prostate cancer as well as other solid tumors. Keywords: prostate cancer progression 13 individual benign prostate, primary and metastatic prostate cancer samples and 6 pooled samples from benign,primary or metastatic prostate cancer tissues.
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transcription profiling by array 
Jianjun Yu <jianjun@umich.edu>, Arul M Chinnaiyan, Bharathi Laxman, Rohit Mehra, Scott A Tomlins, Sooryanarayana Varambally
Integrative genomic and proteomic analysis of prostate cancer reveals signatures of metastatic progression. Varambally S, Yu J, Laxman B, Rhodes DR, Mehra R, Tomlins SA, Shah RB, Chandran U, Monzon FA, Becich MJ, Wei JT, Pienta KJ, Ghosh D, Rubin MA, Chinnaiyan AM.
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