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E-GEOD-30650 - Expression data of human trophectoderm cells

Released on 8 September 2011, last updated on 27 September 2011
Homo sapiens
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The implantation process begins with attachment of the trophectoderm (TE) of the blastocyst to the maternal endometrial epithelium. Herein we have investigated the transcriptome of mural TE cells from 13 human blastocysts and compared these with those of human embryonic stem cell (hESC)-derived-TE (hESCtroph). The transcriptomes of hESFtroph at days 8, 10, and 12 had the greatest consistency with TE. Among genes coding for secreted proteins of the TE of human blastocysts and of hESCtroph are several molecules known to be involved in the implantation process as well as novel ones, such as CXCL12, HBEGF, inhibin A, DKK3, Wnt 5A, follistatin. The similarities between the two lineages underscore some of the known mechanisms and offer discovery of new mechanisms and players in the process of the very early stages of human implantation. We propose that the hESCtroph is a viable functional model of human trophoblasts to study trophoblast-endometrial interactions. Furthermore, the data derived herein offer the promise of novel diagnostics and therapeutics aimed at practical challenges in human infertility and pregnancy disorders associated with abnormal embryonic implantation. Transcriptome analyses suggest human embryonic stem cell-derived-trophoblast as a viable functional model of human trophoblast to study trophoblast-endometrial interactions. Five pools of trophectoderm cells were subjected to RNA isolation and microarray. The resulting data were compared to the transcriptomes of H7 human embryonic stem cells differentiated to the trophoblast lineage after 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 days of induction with BMP-4. This submission represents the trophectoderm cells from blastocysts.
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Linda Giudice <>, Angela M Rojas, Juan C Irwin, Linda C Giudice, Lusine Aghajanova, Shehua Shen, Susan J Fisher
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