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E-GEOD-25678 - Expression Profiling of Erythroid Progenitors After MYB shRNA Knockdown

Released on 3 January 2011, last updated on 27 March 2012
Homo sapiens
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MYB plays a critical role as a regulator of erythropoieisis. We have shown that MYB silences epsilon and gamma-globin expression in erythroid progenitors. We here examine erythroid cells at the basophilic erythroblast stage of differentiation with MYB shRNA or control lentiviral transduction prior to differentiation. We have cultured CD34 cells and transduced the cells with lentiviruses harboring shRNAs targeting MYB or controls and then allowed the cells to differentiate down the erythroid lineage. At the basophilic erythroblast stage of differentiation, the cells were harvested and total RNA was extracted. This was used to hybridize to Affymetrix expression arrays using the HG-U133 Plus 2.0 platform to ascertain expression differences that occur with the knockdown of MYB.
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MicroRNA-15a and -16-1 act via MYB to elevate fetal hemoglobin expression in human trisomy 13. Sankaran VG, Menne TF, Scepanovic D, Vergilio JA, Ji P, Kim J, Thiru P, Orkin SH, Lander ES, Lodish HF. , PMID:21205891
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