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E-GEOD-21909 - Transcription profiling by array of human blood leukocytes and monocytes after treatment with cortisone

Released on 8 June 2010, last updated on 15 September 2015
Homo sapiens
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Fourteen human subjects (18-40 years of age) were studied. The control group (saline + LPS [n = 7]) received a 12 hour infusion of saline and the experimental group (cortisol + LPS [n = 7]) received a 12 hour infusion of cortisol (3 ug/kg/min). After 6 hours of saline or cortisol infusion, intravenous lipopolysaccharide (2 ng/kg) was administered to all subjects. Blood samples were collected at -24 hours, 0 hours, 6 hours and 24 hours relative to LPS administration at 0 hours. Leukocytes and monocytes were isolated from these blood samples, total RNA extracted, and microarray analyses performed using Affymetrix Focus GeneChips. Blood samples were collected at (-24)hr, 0hr, 6hr, and 24hr in relation to the LPS infusion. For both saline and cortisol treated subjects, infusion was started at (-6) hr and continued to (+6) hr.
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transcription profiling by array 
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