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E-GEOD-17354 - Transcription profiling of human CD4+ and CD8+ T-cells from gene therapy treated ADA patients and from healthy controls

Submitted on 27 July 2009, released on 9 August 2009, last updated on 1 May 2014
Homo sapiens
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Gene transfer into HSCs by gammaretroviral vectors (RV) is an effective treatment for inherited blood disorders, although potentially limited by the risk of insertional mutagenesis. We evaluated the genomic impact of RV integration in T-lymphocytes from adenosine deaminase (ADA)-Severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) patients 10 to 30 months after infusion of autologous, genetically-corrected CD34+ cells. Expression profiling on ex vivo T-cell bulk population revealed no difference with respect to healthy controls. To assess the effect of vector integration on gene expression at the single cell level, primary T-cell clones were isolated from two patients. T-cell clones harboured either one or two vector copies per cell and displayed partial to full correction of ADA expression, purine metabolism and TCR-driven functions. Analysis of retroviral integration sites (RIS) indicated a high diversity in T-cell origin, consistent with the polyclonal TCR-Vbeta repertoire. Quantitative transcript analysis of 120 genes within a 200kb-window around RIS showed modest (2.8- to 5.2-fold) disregulation of 5.8% genes in 18.6% of the T-cell clones compared to controls. Nonetheless, affected clones maintained a stable phenotype and normal functions in vitro. These results confirm that RV-mediated gene transfer for ADA-SCID is safe, and provide crucial information for the development of future gene therapy protocols. Global gene expression profiling was performed on CD4+ and CD8+ T-cell subsets purified ex vivo from three ADA-SCID patients at different times after gene therapy. The microarray analysis showed a substantial overlap with the expression patterns of T-cells from controls, indicating the absence of gross abnormalities in the development and function of T-cells derived from genetically corrected hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells. Experiment Overall Design: Transcript profiling was carried out in CD4+ and CD8+ T-cells purified with immunomagnetic beads (Miltenyi Biotec, Germany) from the peripheral blood lymphocytes of ADA-SCID patients (Pt1, 3 and 4) 10-30 months after autologous transplantation with genetically corrected CD34+ cells. At the indicated time points, the percentage of vector-positive T-cells by qPCR was >75%. Transcript profiles were determined using the Affymetrix HG-U133A microarray and compared to those of age-matched healthy controls (n=4; C1, C2, C3, C4).
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