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E-GEOD-15946 - Determining lovastatin-induced differences in expression between statin sensitive and insensitive MM cells

Released on 20 May 2010, last updated on 3 May 2014
Homo sapiens
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The goals of this study were to determine global differences in transcript expression and regulation between MM cells that are sensitive or insensitive to lovastatin-induced apoptosis. To this end, two sensitive (KMS11 and H929) and two insensitive (LP1 and SKMM1) MM cell lines treated with 20uM lovastatin or an ethanol vehicle control for 16 hours. mRNA was extracted and prepared for mRNA expression microarrays (HG-U133 Plus 2) in triplicate. Keywords: drug-response across cell-lines Four cell-lines, each treated with lovastatin or vehicle control, with three replicates per condition
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transcription profiling by array 
Igor Jurisica, James W Clendening, Linda Z Penn, Paul C Boutros <>